Commercial Aviation

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GDC Technics
Stellar Blu offers a number of solutions suitable for transport category and business jet aircraft
Our products provide advantages in cost, performance and maintainability versus current technology.

Operators can expect significant savings in acquisition cost (up to 50%) and operational cost (up to 90%) while benefiting from throughput performance that provides full internet passenger experience for every customer and crew member onboard.

Our solutions work from gate to gate. In addition, our flat panel technology drastically reduces drag and associated fuel burn, further improving the economics of in-flight connectivity and meeting the green goals of our customers.
Sidewinder is a full ESA (electronically steered antenna), optimized for LEO networks and extensible for GEO/MEO networks.
Our products are certified on a number of airframes, Stellar Blu maintains in-house certification capability for most aircraft type.
STELLAR BLU Solutions for Commercial Aviation bring new possibilites.
Green Solution (weight and drag)
Cost Effective (CAPEX and OPEX savings)
Universal (exploits new global constellations)