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“Stellar Blu, a partner of Intelsat, is a leader in the in-flight connectivity market. Together, they offer WiFi to passengers on over 50% of the world's connected commercial aircraft fleet. They provide proven internet service portals, applications such as live TV, stored content, and retail programs, as well as passenger concessions, all backed by their innovative technology. This combination of experience, performance, and turn-key support makes them a preferred choice for airlines worldwide.

SatcomDirect, the leading provider of passenger connectivity for business aviation, also offers the cutting-edge technology, the first ESA terminal for large business jets.”
Intelsat offers service on over 60 owned GEO satellites as well as OneWeb’s LEO constellation.
OneWeb combines extensive satellite access and expansive terrestrial capacity to deliver best-fit, reliable, interoperable solutions.
SatcomDirect offers near global service via partnerships with industry-leading satellite network operators.