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21 March 2022

Stellar Blu Solutions announced as new Corporate Identity for GDC Technics' advanced technology unit

Launched in 2020 as GDC Advanced Technologies, Stellar Blu Solutions (Stellar Blu) is a leader in the development of cutting-edge connectivity, network and avionics solutions for next generation satellite networks. GDC Technics, one of the largest aircraft modification establishments in the world launched Stellar Blu as an Independent company focused on continuing the development of satellite communications technology for the world’s leading airlines, as well as solutions for other aerospace and mobility markets.

Focused on delivering an exceptional experience for the end user, Stellar Blu provides advanced technical solutions for satellite network operators, including the unique needs of high bandwidth low earth orbit (LEO) constellations. These mesh satellite networks require digital, electronically steered antennas (ESA) at the core of Stellar Blu's solution.
Stellar Blu also offers Falcon 300, for the Inmarsat GX network. This flat panel solution is certified on the B737 and was recently selected for installation on the Saudia A321 fleet.

"Sidewinder", Stellar Blu's initial ESA solution, was developed in partnership with OneWeb, a global communications network powered by a constellation of 650 LEO satellites. Flight-testing for Sidewinder commences in early Q2 2022 with the product available for installation on commercial aircraft in the second half of 2023. While Sidewinder is optimized for low earth orbit (LEO) networks, it offer extensibility to multi-orbit constellations including various LEO MEO and GEO configurations

In addition to network operators, Stellar Blu partners with Internet service providers, integrating their products and passenger facing services into a turnkey aircraft solution.

Stellar Blu provides global support services, including a cloud based performance monitoring dashboard and data analytics platform, allowing customers real-time visibility of system performance and near real time summary of passenger engagement.

Stellar Blu is led by CEO Tracy Trent and a global team with over a century of experience developing and delivering satellite communications solutions for commercial and business aviation. Stellar Blu Is headquartered at Alliance Field in Fort Worth, Texas, with offices in Poland and Southern California. For more information, visit